Speed Humps

Heavy-Duty Steel and Rubber Speed Humps in Adelaide

A1 Linemarking boast a range of speed humps and accessories for purchase in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. We ensure our products are constructed from highly-durable, heavy-duty materials designed to withstand all kinds of conditions while protecting vehicles from exceeding road safety limits. Safeguard your Adelaide road by investing in rubber speed humps and other top-grade speed-reducing mechanisms from the experts in the business.

Providing Adelaide with a wide range of speed humps

We carry a large variety of traffic-calming devices, making sure that we cater to each and every road safety need. Take a look at our heavy duty rubber speed humps, one of the most popular products on the market and amongst our Adelaide clients. Harnessing the pliability of rubber, these devices are highly-versatile and match standard safety requirements, therefore making them ideal for all general purpose use. Alternatively, our Enforcer Poly products are constructed from the same material used for rainwater tanks, meaning they are extremely durable against harsh Australian conditions. With protection against ultraviolet rays and designed for slight flexibility, these humps are perfect for concrete or asphalt outdoor carparks.

If you need to install a speed hump in your commercial loading dock, transport depot, factory or terminal, we advise you opt towards investing in our steel devices designed specifically for heavy-duty applications. We even sell cable speed humps, which work to protect your cable wires while preventing pedestrians from tripping over them, not to mention our highly cost-effective speed hump cushions for wide axle vehicles such as fire engines and other large automobiles.

Complement your steel and rubber speed humps with our other products

We sell the necessary accessories to accompany your devices, including marking dots for easy installation and the appropriate road warning signs. We also do rumble strips to prevent cross-over accidents and head-on vehicle collisions along those busy South Australian highways, and anti-roll pads to ensure the stability of cars parked on mining and construction sites. Furthermore, as safety is our number one priority, we sell our products in bulk packages so you can save on costs.

Choose us for the highest-quality road safety equipment in Adelaide

A1 Linemarking is your go-to solution for all matters of road safety across the South Australian region. In addition to our speed-reducing devices, we also provide a wide array of other equipment to ensure the wellbeing of those who cross your roads. From line marking to safety bollard installation, safety signage erection to wheel stops, we can give you the peace of mind that Adelaide streets are kept safe.

Order speed humps from our online store today!

Get in contact with our Adelaide team to purchase top-grade speed humps at highly affordable prices today. We can give you expert advice on our products, ensuring you are buying the right road safety device for your particular needs.