Wheel Stops

Plastic, Poly, Steel and Concrete Wheel Stops in Adelaide

Many commercial carpark operators are under the impression that a concrete kerb is an adequate barrier for a parking space. However, under Australian standards, kerbs that have a greater height than 100mm must also incorporate a wheel stop in order to prevent the front skirts of vehicles from suffering damage upon colliding with the kerb. They function to effectively limit the amount a car travels in a parking space and are ideal for inhibiting kerb overhang. Here at A1 Linemarking, we construct car park stoppers all kinds of materials so you can ensure your carpark meets the necessary requirements and caters to all vehicles.

Supplying a wide range of concrete car park wheel stoppers for all budgets and purposes

Concrete wheel stops are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as trucks. The concrete makes them highly-durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about the product fading, cracking or warping over time. Our galvanised steel products are also highly popular as the sturdy, powerful, high-grade material will guarantee you endurance against the harshest odds. If you’re looking to save money, why not invest in our standard poly or rubber items, available for bulk purchase.

Go eco-friendly with recycled plastic wheel stops

Here at A1 Linemarking, we take it upon ourselves to provide products that are kind to the Adelaide environment. Our recycled plastic items are cost-effective and eco-friendly while also maintaining structural integrity. By purchasing in bulk, you can save even further!

All of our wheel stops meet Australian standards and come complete with the appropriate mounting bolts and convenient free delivery. We also sell lane dividers, one-way road spikes, anti-roll pads and wheel stop kits, rumble strips and marking dots to make your road safety concerns a breeze.

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